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The positive and negative twist principle of gabion machine performance

Publisher: Jiangyin Jinlida Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd. Release time: 2018/12/4 11:56:29 Hits: 1813 Close

Gabion gabion processing machine is specialized equipment, can be used to produce a role in slope support, foundation pit, mountain rock hanging nets shotcrete slope vegetation (green), mesh railway highway isolation fence and so on, the mesh can be made into trunks, mat, can be used for rivers, dams and seawall protection Scouring protection and cage for reservoir and river closure.

Use of cage net woven by cage net machine: The gabion mesh is made of high quality low carbon steel wire. The net structure is firm and the surface is flat. Widely used in petrochemical industry, agricultural construction and construction industry, used for reinforcement, protection, as a protective cage, boiler cover with cold and heat resistance, floor coagulation plate reinforcement, can also be used to make poultry fence, fish pond fence, children's playground fence and family decoration. The structure is strong, the surface is flat, has the good anticorrosion, the oxidation resistance and so on. Among them, heavy gabion mesh can be used to control and guide rivers and floods.

In general, the principle of positive and negative twisting is adopted in the cage mesh machine, so it can work continuously without making the wire into a spring shape, which improves the production efficiency. The gabion mesh machine has the characteristics of 65 mesh holes up to high speed, and can adjust the speed appropriately according to the raw material conditions, so as to reduce the rate of broken ends. The width of the net is wide, and it can be woven 1.1 meters wide and a single width of 2.2 meters wide. The mesh is uniform and neat, and can be inserted in any position.

How to deal with the distortion of the printing line of the gabion mesh machine? Let's first look at the causes of this problem. In printing, the speed of scraper movement (movement) varies greatly in the useful area of the substrate, stops halfway or repeats printing, etc. The fineness of the printing material does not match the number of selected screen meshes. There are sticky spots printed with impurities and holes, or too much printing and lack of scratch.

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